An Introduction

  1. NEMA Healthcare: It operates a boutique clinic and starting a chain of dialysis centers soon. It also deals with IT requirements of various hospitals in association with Birlamedisoft.

  2. NEMA Development: This deals with Architecture Design, Project management & Real estate development. Design works is taken for national as well as international projects. Currently, it has projects in India, Bahrain & Bangladesh.

    NEMA GRANDE: Under this brand, it provides high end ready to move in apartments. First project has been launched in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.

    NEMA Homemakers: Rental housing is the solution for India’s Housing needs. Short and long term rental housing will fast emerge as a preferred choice for young working population (even those who can afford to own a home) as they aspire to be mobile with their jobs and be flexible to change cities for emerging opportunities.
    Catering to this niche market, it aims to be one-stop shop for all issues faced by Investors. As developer hands over inhabitable apartments, NEMA homemakers convert bare apartments into beautiful home, catering for interior design build, leasing & lease management.

  3. NEMA Education: It intends to utilize emerging technology to provide high quality answers from IIT students for harried student’s queries within 30 minutes.